Monday, November 11, 2013

Sloan & Cali turn 2! {Hello Kitty & Minnie Mouse themed Sweet Table}

Sloan and Cali, Cali & Sloan, whenever these two get together Cuteness Reigns and Badness gets taken to the next level...From doing time in the womb till now, they truly are besties to the core. 
The Hello Kitty/ Minnie Mouse theme fusion was an epiphany I had while debating the topic with my sister Natalie. She and I clearly have uncompromising tendencies that would make for disaster in most situations but some how we manage to whip up some bad ass end products/ success stories.  Cheers Nat, here's to achieving our main goal: A Low Key, Stress Free, FUN party for the girls. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Woodland Baby Boy Shower

Baby Samson is the cutest lil' guy in the West! This woodland theme incorporates his nursery colours and theme too.
I wanted to create some pieces his mom could use to decorate his room with and that transported well since the surprise party was set up on the fly at a last minute location.
Check out the spread!

Attie's 4th Raceway Picnic Birthday Party!

OMG how did time fly by so fast??? My tiny guy is getting bigger and smarter and cooler each day!
THIS raceway party was all his brain child! He just loves to have fun with friends and fam so a picnic on a beautiful spring day was PERFECT! 

Attie turns 3!

Attie had THE funnest marine themed party at West Edmonton Mall's Sea Life Caverns with three of his besties. Check out the Loot Bag Buffet we did for all the super stoked toddler guests!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Mini Sweet Buffet {for a stagette}

A Mini Sweet Buffet for a Stagette! 
This was a intimate gathering of ladies who clearly love sweets! A small sample of a variety of chocolates, eclairs, pastries and specialty candies went a long ways and looked amazing! What a great event for such a special lady! 
When it comes to sweets what are your ladies only favorites?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Baby Girl - Pink & Purple Baby Shower

We did a very special pink and purple Baby Shower for Juli and her lovely daughter Lilia. The best part? It followed Valentines Day so tons of cute, pink stuff was on the market! Yay shopoholic!

Baby Boy Owl Themed Shower

My bestie had a baby boy so this event was a project near and dear to the heart!
I found owl themed items everywhere, it must be a huge trend still.  

Monday, June 6, 2011

Feather Her Nest - Baby Shower

Here are a few of the photos from the shower Sn'S did in the spring.
Photography compliments of Captured by Amy

(P.S Louise has since had a very lovely baby boy named Charlie (so CUTE)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day a cup of Tea thanks to Indigo/ Chapters

I Love these tea sets. If I didn't receive last seasons as a bridal gift I'd be stocking up (but I don't have the matching cake stand...)
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Lovely Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Check out the beautiful Tea sets they brought back in new colours at Indigo/ Chapters {hint hint}

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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cookie Buffet - Volunteer Appreciation Event

Last month we created a wonderful Cookie Buffet for the Volunteer Appreciation Event at Fraserview Care Lodge in Richmond, BC. It was held to thank its many amazing volunteers who devote their time and love to the senior care centre. The centre was awesome and we thank them for all the support, it was such a pleasure teaming with them on this great event. Below is a list of some of the cookies we selected for our display and some great suggestions for your next Cookie Buffet.

Cookie Buffet Suggestions:
  1. Skor chip Shortbread Cookies
  2. Lemon Melt Aways
  3. Soft Ginger Snap Cookies {to die for}
  4. Chocolate Whoppie Pies {can't stop eating these once you start}
  5. Oatmeal Almond Cranberry Cookies
  6. Macaroons
  7. Meringue Cookies
  8. Classic Sugar Cookies with hand stamped "Thank You" in lemon Royal Icing
  9. Chocolate Chip Cookies
  10. Petite Palmers
  11. Peanut Butter Cookies

How to organize: - a Dessert Buffet Potluck

My little family joined my large extended family for a lovely Easter gathering in Edmonton last week. It occurred to me, as I was designated dessert table setter upper, that it was a brilliant idea to assign some people the job of bringing a delicious dessert to share and set up a kind of Dessert Buffet. So my little sister Natalie - our gracious hostess, deserves credit for this weeks post idea - Dessert Buffet Potluck. For large gatherings where guests are asked to contribute a food item of some sort, hostess' can arrange a delicious, impromptu Sweet Buffet and achieve maximum guest happiness :) with very little effort.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Easter Basket Stuffers - Part I

Alright it's plain to see that I will use any occasion to shop. Easter is no exception. I love the big grocery shopping trip (a few days in advance, usually really early in the morning to avoid the ugly rush), the Easter Basket Stuffing Hunt. Without losing sight of the true Reason for the Season of course, I head for the shops I know will have what a girl needs to make for the most special Easter Moments. Even before I had a child of my own filling Easter Baskets for loved ones was my favorite. The best shops I have sourced out so far for your build - a basket needs are:

1.) Chapters/ Indigo
2.) Pier One Imports
3.) Old Navy

Chapters/ Indigo has a great selection of adorable plush animals, felt dye cut baskets, stickers, mini books and candies galore; gourmet marshmallows, sour candies, bunny jube jubes, you name it. Oh and Godiva Chocolates has a kick butt Easter display at Chapters as well. (Let's face it CHOCOLATE is one reason for the season right? So it may as well be good quality chocolate)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How 2: Make {Ground Chicken} Sheppard's Pie - Step by Step

How 2: Make {Ground Chicken} Sheppard's Pie - Step by Step

Here is a quick and easy, weekday meal recipe I created for my family and thought I'd share with my Sn'S fans. I know I don't usually share savory recipes, BUT; everyone has to eat right! Plus, I know my moms on the move will appreciate!